Utilla is the smallest of the major islands in The Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. They’re also renowned as being one of the least expensive and most beautiful places in the world for a scuba diving vacation.

However aged 33, i did feel a little old as i sat at the bar on Utilla, surrounded by excitable young things. Its a classic backpacker destination, bursting with 19 yr olds on gap years/trips working round the clock as dive masters and behind the bar and partying every other god given hour.

Mind you we did find a place where quiet relaxation was the order of the day. And funnily enough its called Utopia. You can only reach the hotel Utopia by boat, and its set on a private section of beach with a staggeringly goood reef just a few flippers of your fins away. I should also say that the average age there was definately thirty something!

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