The Flora de cana rum distillery on the outskirts of Leon is well worth a visit if you are passionate about rum. The Nicaraguan rum brand is little known compared to the giant Barcardi in markets such as the US and Europe. However many argue that Flora de Cana is far superior a product, and after tasting their 18 yr old aged rum, i agree completely. Smooth, rich and honeyed is how i would describe the taste. I dont normally drink rum at 10.30am but it seemed rude not to after a 45 minute long tour of the factory and having gone through the entire rum-making process. I particularly enjoyed seeing the men making the barrels by hand – they burn the inside of the wood in order to give the rum that rich honeyed flavour, and use banana leaves to seal the top. The distillery is about an hour´s drive from the city of Leon.

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