It might be your first time to South and Central America or perhaps you’re a travel lover who is looking for their next adventure on the continent. We have personally visited all the destinations we offer and love them for their unique beauty, vibrant culture and astonishingly friendly people.

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A cruise in Antarctica, the White Continent, with its multi-coloured ice-caps, glaciers and towering snow-capped mountains is one of the last frontiers. Everything about Antarctica is superlative. The world’s highest, driest, coldest, cleanest continent, that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of all visitors.


Argentina is one of the outstanding countries of the continent and an ideal place for a holiday in South America.  It is one of the most diverse countries, so whether it is a holiday in Argentina or an Argentina honeymoon, you will find what you are looking for.


A holiday in Belize means one foot planted in the Caribbean and the other deep in the jungle. It is a tropical paradise that offers; pristine rainforest, mysterious Mayan temples, white beaches, turquoise seas and the second largest reef system in the world. Formerly British Honduras, this small country (the size of Wales) has long been a sleepy backwater, attracting few visitors a year and as such, is the jewel in Central America’s crown and ideal place for a honeymoon in Belize.


Bolivia lies at the heart of South America and a holiday in Bolivia involves exploring something of a well-kept secret. Known as 'Upper Peru', until after Simon Bolivar led the country to independence in 1825, it is a land of contrasts. This is where you will find; colonial towns, salt flats as far as the eye can see, jagged mountains draped in Amazonian jungle, 6,000 metre peaks covered in glaciers and the most dangerous road in the world.


Taking a holiday in Brazil or a Brazil honeymoon is one of the unique South American holiday experiences. Considered by Brazilians to be a continent in its own right, is a land well versed in extremes.  It is the fifth largest country in the world, covering more than half of South America and has a geographic diversity like nowhere else.  What makes Brazil so special though are its people; welcoming, genuinely friendly and charismatic, they make their country one of the best in South America.


Travelling in Chile or even a holiday in Chile will always involve covering large distances.  It has affectionately been tagged ‘the thin country’, the longest and narrowest on the continent, with a length of 3,230 miles and an average width of only 120 miles. It is land of extremes, both in terms of geography and climate. It has a long tradition of democratic government, a strong economy and a solid infrastructure; it is one of the most stable in Latin America.


Colombia is one of the outstanding countries of the continent and an ideal place for a holiday in South America.  It is one of the most diverse countries, so whether it is a holiday in Colombia or a honeymoon in Colombia, you will find what you are looking for.

Costa Rica

Whether it is a holiday in Costa Rica or a Costa Rica honeymoon, this is a nature-lover’s paradise, boasting a biodiversity comparable to the Amazon in a country the size of Wales.  Thanks to years of stability and peace, a sophisticated tourism infrastructure showcases an amazingly rich and varied network of national parks that protect an impressive 25% of the country.  The relaxed and friendly nature of the proud locals gives you a warm welcome.


Ecuador, best known for the Galapagos Islands, has its own attractions and should not be overlooked for a holiday or a honeymoon. It is one of the safest countries in South America, and one of the smallest. This compact little country is a fascinating place to visit. Its mainland can be broken up into three geographical regions; The Pacific coastal plain, the Andean mountain range and Ecuadorian Amazonia.

Galapagos Islands

Nothing will prepare you for what a holiday in the Galapagos Islands has to offer. Located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador and lying isolated in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, the ‘enchanted islands’ are a nature lovers’ paradise. The 19 islands, 13 major and 6 smaller, each originating from undersea volcanoes that erupted over 600 million years ago, now form part of Ecuador’s National Park system.


A holiday in Guatemala is a journey into the heartland of the ancient world of the Mayans.  Unlike most of Latin America, the majority of the local people are still indigenous Indian and many still wear their colourful, traditional costume.  The landscape is stunning and varied with impressive mountain ranges and some of the regions highest volcanoes, many of which are still active.


Located in the heart of Central America, Honduras is the isthmus’s second largest country after Nicaragua, covering an area roughly the size of England.  Few people make it any further than the impressive ruins of Copan, but if you are willing to go beyond the normal you will find a country with a limitless range of virgin forests, undiscovered colonial towns and some of the best reefs on the continent.


To take a holiday in Mexico or a Mexico honeymoon you have to visit the Yucatan. The Yucatan Peninsula plays host to impressive Mayan ruins, beautiful Spanish colonial architecture and hundreds of miles of perfect, white-sand beaches with clear turquoise waters.  Cenotes (large sinkholes) occasionally punctuate the limestone terrain, offering a beautiful glimpse of the vast system of underground rivers that runs through the region.


Nicaragua is the largest yet least travelled country in Central America making it an ideal place for a holiday.  An extraordinary landscape of volcanoes dominates the centre of the country where the rival cities of Leon and Granada are a beautiful reminder of its colonial times.  Further east, the Mosquito Coast and Caribbean region remains wild and untamed – great for nature lovers. 


A holiday in Panama is unique, as it is frequently described as "Central America's best-kept secret" due to its rich history, incredible natural beauty and an astounding degree of biodiversity.  For many, the relatively undeveloped tourism industry, the low number of visitors, and the warm and welcoming Panamanians make this the highlight of the Isthmus. 


A holiday in Peru or even a honeymoon in Peru is a unique experience. Few countries in South America inspire such evocative images as Peru. It contains 28 of the world’s 31 climates, fertile valleys to Andean peaks, ancient civilisations and the ‘Land of the Incas’ to cities preserving the legacy of the conquistadors. The barren desert known as the Altiplano has indigenous Indians that still preserve their ancient tongue of Quechua (and Aymara), while shepherds with their traditionally colourful ponchos herd llamas, alpacas and vicunas across the open plains.


Tucked between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America and very often overlooked. A holiday in Uruguay is as laid back as it gets.  Off the beaten track and with a high standard of living and the relaxed hospitality of its people, make it a delightful place to travel.


Venezuela is the South American country where the great Andean range meets the Caribbean. With the longest Caribbean coastline in the Americas, you will find pristine white sandy beaches. The archipelago of Los Roques boasts some of the best snorkelling in the country and a fantastic place to relax and unwind after the adventures of the interior.

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