Many of us have problems dozing off whilst flying and a good sleep when flying long distance can make all the difference to how we feel when we arrive at our destination. Having spent thousands of hours in the air exploring the globe the Latin Odyssey team have had plenty of practise perfecting the art of nodding off in-flight. So here are some of our top tips which we hope will help.


1. Not everyone can afford a seat in a flat bed in first class. So the trick is to score the best possible seat in economy. A window seat is usually best as you can have control of the window blind, and you dont have to deal with your fellow passengers clambouring over you to go to the toilet. Plus you can lean your head against the wall of the plane. Engine noise tends to be loudest towards the end of the plane so avoid this. Dont sit close to the galley or the toilet as people often congregate and chat. Finally dont go for a seat in front of the emergency exit as these often dont recline. To get one of these prime seats check out your plane’s seating plan and check in online as soon as possible.


2.What you put in your body whilst you are at 9,000m can have a big impact on how your body relaxes. It’s best to have a light meal before you plan to have a sleep. Try to eat foods which contain tryptophan (a calming amino acid) such as fish, turkey and cottage cheese. Avoid gas producing foods like brocolli, beans, wheat and potatoes if you can.


3. What you wear is also important. Whilst rocking up in a pair of pajama’s clearly isnt feasible, being comfortable is achieveable. Always travel with plenty of soft layered clothing and your two essentials – ear plugs and an eye mask. Not every airline provides these so best to pack these yourself. Also it’s best to ask for a blanket as soon as you board as sometimes there arent enough for everyone and a blanket helps to make you feel cosy. Lastly, it’s wise to tell the steward you’re planning to go to sleep so they dont wake you up for meals.


Sleep tight..  🙂


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