The road to Guiones from Tamarindo proved to be exquisitely beautiful and exhilarating all at the same time. We ended up lost several times as we drove along country lanes surrounded by green pastures and cows as the light playfully shone through the leaves. It felt like the real Costa Rica at last – hurrah! It was a Sunday and we saw boys playing football in the village field, girls cycling past chatting away, and mothers with their babies enjoying the shade on their doorstep. As we rounded a bend up a hill, three men on horseback in their tan cowboy hats herded 50 strong herds of cattle past the car and out into a field. Soon the dank lanes opened up into some stunning Pacific ocean views – and it started to rain! Being the wet season it was expected but we didn’t anticipate how difficult it would be crossing the overlowing rivers in our jeep! Sometimes a metre and a half deep –we had heart palpitations as the water poured over the bonnet!

We found a beautiful beach at Pelenes – go there to enjoy a beer and some coconut fish at a chic little restaurant called La Luna. Or go for the local’s more rustic option, just next door, where the Dorado is freshly caught that day. Both are right on the sands.

We stayed at the gorgeous Punta Islita.

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