Tamarindo on the Costa Rican Pacific coast isnt a place to get away from it all – its well developed, bustling, and packed with American Ex-Pats. In saying that, it is located on a beautiful stretch of Guanacaste coastline so you can take it in for a couple of nights, take advantage of its boutiques and restaurants and move on somewhere quieter.

In essence its a surf town. Full of sexy young things, Tamarindo has chic little boutiques with snakeskin wallets, little beach dresses and jewellery. There are Italian and French style cafe´s and bakeries. There is also a rowdy surf beach bar called ‘The Witch´s bar’ where all everyone congregates in early evening. So you can imagine how it fails to exude real Costa Rican ´Pura Vida´and instead makes you wonder ´Where am i?´ at times.

Tamarindo Bay has some beautiful beaches. Wide, its soft golden sands are punctuated by jet black rocks scarred by the relentless surf. Langosta beach is a long and quiet beach which is ideal for relaxing, afternoon walks. Yesterday when we went for a swim, there were a few guys playing football, and a few couples playing in the waves but overall wonderfully serene.

We stayed at Cala Luna.

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