You come here for the mountains, the cloud forest, the wildlife (birds in particular), hiking trails, and the adrenalin adventure provided by ziplines and canopy walkways.

Sometimes you wonder am I really in Costa Rica up here? For one thing, its chilly, you need a jumper when the cloud comes in and shrouds the forest and the mountain roads in a thick, damp white mist. Which then often turns to rain. Then there is the Quakers and the Germans. In the late 1950’s American Quakers came here to settle after being offered land high up in the hills above the Aranjue river. Arriving on ox carts, twelve families made this their home and for many years survived without running water or electricity. Not long after, a few German families also emigrated to Monteverde and over the years made their mark on the area with their distinctive Northern European style. So you can imagine that the town has a look and an atmosphere which some might say is difficult to define yet attractive in its own way. Then you add the ever changing yet moody climate of cloud and mist, break through sunshine, and sheet rain and you have the unique atmosphere that is Monteverde.

Waking the trails in the Monteverde forest reserve is magical in the early evening. You hear the forest some alive with bird and frog song. The rain glistens on the leaves. The damp forest floor criss crossed with torn twigs crunches underfoot. It’s wise to the do a walk with a guide as they can show you things that you would never see on your own. As an American commented on our walk – ‘This would just be a walk in the woods without him’ (!).

The highlight for many people is the zip-wiring. I havent had so much fun in a long time – there is nothing quite like it to be honest. You are strapped to a wire and you feel like you are flying through the rainforest along wires up to 700 m long. Its thrilling, you are surrounded by the natural world and its a totally fresh experience. Great for kids too i should say.

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