When I was thinking about coming here a few months ago, I have to admit I wasn’t very excited. All I knew about Panama was that it had a canal (embarrassing but true). And whilst canals are interesting, it wasn’t enough to inspire me to book a holiday here. And when I have quizzed friends on the matter they usually admit the same. So when I started to read up on the visitor highlights as described by tour books I was surprised at what lay in store and a slow excitement began to build. Panama city sounded like a crazy mix of Hong Kong and Havana. Dozens of soaring glass skyscrapers. Dilapidated yet stunning Spanish colonial buildings with peeling paint. Restored old houses once owned by merchants converted into luxurious apartments. Chic little restaurants on plaza’s where you can drink fine wine under the stars. Sumptuously decorated churches to see. Great shopping with everything from boutiques to big brand name super stores. Exciting nightlife with clubs where sexy young things dance all night wearing the most beautiful clothes. And of course.. there is the canal, what some say is the greatest engineering marvel in the world.

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