When we started writing this piece we realised we couldn’t stop at 5 – we simply had to keep going!  Here we continue the list of our favourite rainforest activities.


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1. Discover a hidden paradise

Rio Celeste in Costa Rica (click for more images)

Rio Celeste in Costa Rica (click for more images)

Central and South America rainforests offer both grand sweeping views and little secret gems – wherever you stay, be sure to ask about any magical secluded sites that would be worth visiting (many lodges have gorgeous settings themselves).  They’ll be worth a bit of a walk to get there!


Where to do it: Paraty, and the Cristalino Lodge in Brazil, the Osa Peninsula and the Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica, and the Rio Indio Lodge in Nicaragua.

2. Soothe your soul

Woman lying prone with round stones on her back

Hot stone massage (click for more images)

Part of the charm of tropical rainforests is the chance to escape city life and have some ‘me’ time.  Several lodges and hotels recognise this, and help you indulge with some excellent spa treatments that make the most of the lush surroundings, such as yoga classes and meditation.


Where to do it: The Reserva Amazonica in Peru, Lapa Rios and Nicuesa Lodge in Costa Rica.

3. Go eco

Small rustic lodge in the middle of the rainforest, surrounded by plants

Nicuesa Lodge (click for more images)

Conservation and sustainability are huge issues for rainforest habitats, and while all locations are up to standards there are a few that offer a real escape from modern life, allowing you to reconnect with the natural world.


Where to do it: The Tambopata Research Centre in Peru is simple and rustic with no mains electricity supply.  Visit Nicuesa Lodge in Costa Rica, the Chalalan Lodge in Bolivia, Hacienda Concepcion in Peru and Rio Indio in Nicaragua to immerse yourself in nature without compromising on comfort.

4. Zip-line, abseiling and sky canyoning

Man dangling from a rope in mid-air with rainforest waterfalls behind

Abseiling at the Iguazu Falls (click for more images)


Get up close and personal with rainforest peaks and canopies using a few pulse-racing activities!  It’s actually possible to abseil down parts of the world-renowned Iguazu Falls, for example, and there are several areas that offer zip-lining in a stunning setting.


Where to do it: Pacuare Lodge and the Monte Verde cloud forest in Costa Rica, the Iguazu Falls (bordering Argentina and Brazil).

5. Become a water baby

People swimming in a rainforest pool with a small waterfall behind

Trancoso, Brazil (click for more images)

Almost all rainforest regions in South and Central America will include places where you can actually swim in natural waters.  Hidden waterfalls, serene lagoons and lush rivers abound – you can even swim in piranha-filled waters in certain conditions!


Where to do it: All of the above, and particularly the Mountain Pine Ridge area in Belize & the Marau Peninsula in Brazil.


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