When I arrived, I felt like it was the first time i had seen the world on film in ‘glorious technicolour’. The green of the leaves on the mango trees is an acid green. The ruby red flowers which bloom all around the lakeside path’s shimmer in the sunlight. Its hyper real. You could say its how you imagine the Garden of Eden to be – where people live peacefully, full of life and love surrounded by natural beauty. The wildlife here is wonderful – expect to see lots of birds – egrets, king fishers, green herons, tiger herons – as well as iguana’s, kaymans, howler monkeys, and sloths. Its also great for fishing.

The islands are known for their painting and wood carvings. Three generations of many of the families here have made a living through art and the style which Solentiname people have become known for is ‘Primitivism’. You can just wander around the islands and people are quite happy for you to visit them in their homes and view their work. In short, you really feel like you are escaping from the real world here.

We stayed at The El Paradiso Cabana’s Hotel

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