Fishermen in the know come to Nicaragua’s Rio Indio in September for tarpon. Its peak season, and you can catch tarpon up to around 90 pounds! We were here in early June and by a fluke hooked and reeled in an 80 pound tarpon which put up a mighty fight over 45 minutes. Our guide didnt except us to be encountering such large fish at this time of year in the lagoons so we only had fishing rods suited to reeling in fish up to about 17 pounds. Which made the catch all the more exciting! Tarpon is no good for eating as its such a bony fish, but Rama Indian locals make use of it by cooking it then scooping out the flesh and mixing it with ground beef and making Tarpon balls which they fry.

November is a time for Snook feasting. This is when you can catch 5 pound snook and if they are the yellow tailed snook they can be up to 20 pounds. Snook is absolutely delicious and eaten regularly by the locals.

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