A memorable travel experience is driven by the sights and sounds you encounter every day. All too often we think about our favourite holiday images or views but how often do we consider our favourite sounds? So we thought it would be interesting to discuss the sounds which have brought a travel experience to life and created a lasting impression. Here are our some of our favourite sounds to wake up to on holiday.

1. Tikal, Guatemala – The call of the Howler monkeys above your cabana

The most famous of all Maya sites, it doesn’t get much better than this. The setting is spell binding – encroached by tropical forest with steep pyramid temples that pierce the jungle canopy. Listening to the booming roar of the Howler monkeys as you explore the world of Indian Jones is a magical experience.

2. The Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica – the sound of the Pacific Ocean breaking on the beach

The remote, pristine beaches lined with lush tropical jungle make this an idyllic place to relax and re-charge your batteries. Each morning you’ll wake up to hear the crash of the Pacific Ocean breaking on golden sands. Can you think of a better wake up call?

3. The Pantanal, Brazil – The bird songs celebrating the breaking of dawn

The Pantanal is best described as a small window of Africa in the heart of South America. It’s a haven for bird lovers with over 650 species of birds including 26 types of parrot. So as you can imagine there is nothing like it as dawn breaks in the Pantanal and you are awoken from your slumber to hear birdsong like no other.

4. Iguazu falls, Argentina –280 waterfalls crashing over the cliffs

Iguazu Falls are known throughout the world as one of the most beautiful and majestic natural waterfalls man has ever seen. If you take the 1km walkway built across the river you’ll see a wondrous sight of 280 waterfalls creating one thunderous waterfall plunging into a 3 km long gorge – known as Devil’s throat.

5. The Inca Trail, Peru – surrounded by snow-capped peaks you experience a magical silence

Very rarely in the western world do you get to enjoy the feeling of having complete silence around you! Walking in the high Andes at between 2450 m & 4000 m on the Inca Trail, you will experience this as well as dazzling views and scenery.  When you reach Machu Picchu on the slopes above the Urubamba River, you will find you are enveloped in a magical silence.

6. The Turneffe Islands, Belize – the sound of the ocean breaking against the reef

The Turneffe Islands are actually a series of atolls (an atoll is a coral island that encircles a lagoon partially or completely). This means that when you stay on Turneffe you are completely encircled by a coral reef. So all day every day you hear the wonderfully rhythmic sound of the waves breaking against the reef. Paradise found.

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – the greatest city in the world, slowly waking up

Rio is famous for its natural splendour, upbeat atmosphere, carnival celebrations and beautiful beaches including Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. Waking up here to the sound of this magnificent urban paradise stirring and whirring into life is something everyone should experience. Do you know anyone who went to Rio who didn’t have a wonderful time?

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