After all the thrill and excitement of a wedding most couples are keen to jet off somewhere idyllic and relax on a powdery white sands for a couple of weeks. South and Central America is ideal for a beach honeymoon. You can simply collapse on a sun-lounger with a book or combine their legendary beach-life with a little adventure.

Things to consider for your beach honeymoon are how often or how far you’re willing to travel? Whether you want access to a beach throughout your honeymoon or just for part of it? Would  you prefer beaches at the beginning or end? And whether you’re looking for somewhere with a bit of a buzz, or complete seclusion and privacy?

        1. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Tropical beach with deck chairs

Riviera Maya

The Yucatan Peninsula separates the Caribbean from the Gulf of Mexico and is right in between two of the warmest waters on Earth.  Look no further than the Riviera Maya for a beach honeymoon of pure perfection under a gloriously hot sun – wide shores with white sand that stretch for miles on end, warm and shallow aqua waters, and the world’s second-biggest barrier reef.

Also great for: Scuba diving, horseback riding, water sports, Mayan ruins

Stay at: The Viceroy Riviera Maya for ultimate indulgence and full 5-star service.  This luxury coastal hotel also boasts its own private area of jungle where many of the lodges are tucked away with their own plunge pools. Beach honeymoon heaven.

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 2. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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A beach honeymoon for nature lovers. This rural fishing village is idyllic, remote – and one of the most gorgeous parts of Nicaragua.  Not only are the beaches calm and serene, they’re also visited regularly by sea turtles (with the ‘La Flor’ nesting site nearby) and forest activities are within easy reach.

Also great for: Turtle nesting, sailing and fishing, canopy tours in the jungle.

Stay at: Morgans Rock, which seamlessly combines an immersive natural experience and excellent sustainability practices with gourmet food and service.

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3. Trancoso, Brazil

Wide shot of sunny sandy beach with palm trees


A beach honeymoon for those who love a bit of glamour. Despite being a bit of a celebrity hotspot Trancoso has kept its rustic personality, small-town feel and still sits within undeveloped forest.  These renowned beaches abound in natural features like little pools and groves, and of course have the classic soft, white sand, whilst the locals are famously warm and welcoming.

Also great for: Local culture, beach bars, kayaking

Stay at: Villas Trancoso, where the staff are ready to tend to your every need.  Rooms open directly onto the shore and come with gently swaying hammocks on personal balconies – go for the master villa for boutique perfection.

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4. The Cayes, Belize


A beach honeymoon for water-babies. More than 100 miniature islands in crystal-clear azure waters make up the Belizean Cayes.  The beaches are nothing short of flawless and feature a stunning array of tropical marine wildlife, with the coral reefs easily accessible from kayaks.  Both the reefs and the views stretch for miles, resulting in an atmosphere of utter serenity.


Also great for: Snorkelling, swimming, sailing, fishing, spotting rarer animals like the manatee and whale shark

Stay at: Mata Chica on the main island of Ambergris Caye.  Your thatched cabana will be airy and spacious with amazing service, food and wine; the resort is also optimised for all relevant beach/water activities.

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5. Florianopolis, Brazil

White-sanded beach with forest hills in background


Florianopolis (the state capital of Santa Catarina) is a peninsula in the south of Brazil stretching out into the south Atlantic Ocean. Popular with Brazilians and international visitors alike, its breezy beaches are in an ideal location for activities but have remained clean and golden.  Keep an eye on the local fishermen – they’ve formed an incredible relationship with dolphins that helps both with their catch!


Also great for: Whale watching, bird watching, beach sports like surfing

Stay at: Ponta dos Ganchos for the height of enjoyment in your own top-notch bungalow, most of which have Jacuzzis, verandas and open fires in addition to the extensive facilities and fabulous cuisine in the main hotel itself.

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