A family holiday in Peru is slightly different to most other South American countries as there is a certain amount of ancient ruins and culture to see, which, as we know can bore the kids! However, it doesn’t have to be so. Peru has a lot more to offer than just Inca ruins. Certainly Machu Picchu is a highlight and this will spark your kid’s imagination and although there are other impressive Inca ruins to see, you don’t have to visit them all.

Peru is as diverse as they come and within any given two week holiday you can visit deep canyons, take boat trips across lakes, walk in the foothills of the Andes, go white water rafting, horse riding, zip-wiring and even visit the Amazon jungle. Although there are no beaches per say, there is something for everyone in Peru.

Travelling in Peru can be tiring, not only due to the altitude but also because a certain number of internal flights will have to be taken, along with train rides and a small amount of driving, but this is part of the adventure. In order to appreciate what Peru has to offer, we would recommend Peru for families with children who are over 12 years old.


First thing to mention  is that if you travel the right way around Peru you can minimalize the chances of getting altitude sickness. Peruvains are colourful and welcoming and will love interacting with kids of any age.

Whilst here expect to see colourful loacl markets, impressive Inca ruins, jungle and lots of diverse activities, so no-one is going to get bored in Peru!

Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon is reputedly the deepest in the world – 3,182 metres (11,000 feet), which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. The region is also known for its terracing, thought to be the most extensive in Peru, its picturesque towns, where the traditional clothing is still worn by the majority of women and the spectacular mountain scenery with snow-capped Andean peaks.


Cuzco in Quechua means ‘Navel of the earth’ and was the capital of the Inca Empire. The city has a curious character, its narrow cobbled streets and friendly people are obvious, but it is the huge walls of intricately laid stone that pay testimony to the civilisation that 500 years ago controlled most of the continent and today characterise Cuzco. 

Peruvian Amazon

The Amazon River is the longest, widest river, with the greatest volume of water, in the world. Forming part of Brazil’s mighty Amazon basin, Peru’s Amazonia is a maze of waterways and lagoons. The source of the Amazon lies in the Peruvian Andes, where it has a journey of some 6,762 km to the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean, where fresh water can still be tasted 100 km out to sea! 

The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley is a short drive from Cuzco and good place to help acclimatise to the altitude as it is lower than the Inca Capital.   The Sacred Valley contains fertile valleys, White Water Rivers, colourful markets and hiking trails, making it a superb destination for both cultural and active interests.

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