Many of the men in this part of the world travel illegally to the US to make some money for their families. They pay approx $1000 per person to a ‘leader’ who guides them across the border safely. Unfortunately we heard about one Belizian guy who was caught as they hiked for 4 hours under cover of night across the Mexican border, spent a month in a US jail, and had to pay bail of $1500. After this, he remained in the US worked solidly for 2 years, and then returned to his beloved family –wife and four children- with his hard earned cash – which was used to build them a better home. He said that those around him would often try and tempt him with offers to go out and party but that ‘he loved his family too much to waste his wages, so to relax, a night in with TV, some beers and a chicken would do’. Loved that.

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