Roatan is the largest of the Bay islands at 40miles long, with a beautiful mountainous backbone and a shoreline dotted with white sandy beaches and small Garifuna communities. The topography reminds me of the lush green rugged beauty of the Caribbean islands of St Lucia and Montserrat. Of course the great thing about Roatan is that it is significantly better value.

It is at the southern end of the Mesoamerican barrier reef and the Bay islands are almost completely surrounded by coral reefs. As such they are becoming renowned as one of the world’s most outstanding and reasonable diving, snorkelling and fishing destinations. You can see a dizzying assortment of hard and soft coral, fish, sponges, anemones, worms, shellfish, rays, sea turtles, dolphin and shark; including the world’s largest fish – the Whale Shark. (best time to see the majestic Whale Shark is Jan – April on Roatan we are told)

Tip: The island suffers from the blight of sandflies. However Cactus Juice skin lotion is an effective protectant. That’s what the locals use mostly.

We stayed at the Palmetto Plantation and Barefoot Caye and Marina

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