On Tuesday 15th May Honduran authorities said that a high tech laser air survey uncovered a lost city deep in the eastern jungles of Mosquitia.


This is believed to be the legendary Ciudad Blanca or Ciudad Perdida which if they are pre-Columbian, could be Mayan or from an earlier people. It was first referred to under the name ‘Xucutaco’ by the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes in 1526, however it was never conquered by the Spanish. Over time, it was slowly abandoned and forgotten.


The Moskitia is sometimes called the Central American Amazon because of its dense tropical jungle, remote location and lack of modern conveniences.


As yet there have been no on the ground searches of the site. We’ll have to wait and see what beautiful artistry from Ciudad Blanca awaits us. As soon as we hear about any images of the lost city we’ll share them with you.


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