New Year’s Eve is a provocative subject. Some people prefer to stay at home with their family and friends. Others like to get away to feel the warmth of the sun on their skin. And if you are visiting a city you always wanted to visit, New Years Eve can be an ideal time to do so because you can join in one of the biggest celebrations of the year and watch the city come alive.


As Europeans and American’s wrap up in their fleeces, woolly hats and scarves the Brazilians are swinging into their Summer so no wonder Brazil is such an attractive destination for a holiday. It’s midsummer on New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro, the sun is shining and it’s usually about 27 degrees. Yes there are people who will say that on New Year’s Eve the party at the Copacabana Palace Hotel is the only place to be, but we disagree and it’s not only for cost reasons. For the real Rio atmosphere you want to be out with the local’s who celebrate on the streets and its glorious beaches instead (New Year’s Eve is one of Rio’s most important celebrations, second only to Carnival in popularity so people travel here from all over the country).



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However you will need to eat so we recommend dining at one of the restaurants around Ipanema or Leblon. Some restaurants usually have a special fixed price New Years menu that is affordable. If you are keeping an eye on the budget then don’t choose a restaurant with a beach view. Do book ahead as obviously it is a busy time.


There are spectacular fireworks on Rio’s Copacabana Beach where celebrations officially start at 8pm with live music shows. This year the legendary Stevie Wonder is headlining so it promises to be a stellar year. What we wouldn’t give to be there! The live music show is followed by the fireworks at about midnight which last about 15-20 minutes.


If you are one of the lucky ones to holiday in Rio on New Year’s Eve you’ll need to pack something white to wear (all Brazilian’s wear white in Rio on New Year’s Eve as it’s believed to bring you luck for the New Year). The local’s often add some colourful accessories – they say that red will attract romance, green for good health and yellow is for prosperity.


Flowers are often thrown into the sea just before midnight. This is an offering to Yemanja, the deity of the seas. You’ll also see some people giving beauty products such as lipstick or soap as an offering. Strange but true!


It’s customary to bring a bottle of bubbly with you. At midnight you’ll hear the pop pop pop of thousands of champagne corks as everyone celebrates the beginning of a new year and hugs their loved ones.


So what are you waiting for? If you’d like to have a chat about a Brazil holiday with time in Rio over New Year then give us a call. It’s important to plan ahead with this as while a holiday in Brazil will be an experience of a lifetime it can be expensive over New Year so it’s best to book early to get the best deals.



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