Brazil has a little bit of everything; pristine beaches, Amazon jungle, thunderous waterfalls, low lying mountains and wildlife. On top of this, Brazilians are some of the friendliest in South America and a place where you will be encouraged to join in, whether a game of football on the beach, a swim in the pool or a chance to try your hand at surfing, you will be welcomed.

Brazil’s great attraction for a family holiday is its size and variety and we have always felt that Brazil is ideal for two sets of age ranges; 2-6 and 13 upwards. This is due to the amount of travelling that could be involved, as distances are vast. To give you an example to fly from Rio to the Brazilian Amazon is the same as London to North Africa, or New York to Houston!


For those aged between 2 and 6, we know that there tolerance levels for any type of culture can be low, so finding a beach can often be the main goal.  Thankfully Brazil has this in abundance and you could very easily combine two different beach locations with a ‘little’ bit of culture in between to keep the adults happy.

For those aged between 6 and 12, an age when they want to see different things and can get bored easily, Brazil is not ideal.  Brazil can involve a lot of travelling and possibly some early starts, so we would recommend sticking to a two destination holiday between these ages.

From 13 years old upwards, this can be one of the most exciting places on earth.  Taking in the ‘classic’ Rio for a few days is a good start, but getting them to Iguacu Falls will be a highlight.  Here they can walk under waterfalls, take train rides and speedboat rides, go white water rafting and even abseil down the side of a waterfall.

Moving on, the Pantanal is much like an African safari, a place where you may see caiman (small crocodiles), giant anteaters and possibly jaguar, which means everyone can be entertained.  If time allows you could include the Amazon rainforest, possibly the best geography lesson in the world, before finally heading to a beach for some relaxation time.


Buzios is located 190km to the east of Rio de Janeiro, lying on a peninsular and contains over 25 beaches, making this an ideal destination to visit after the exertions of Rio.  ‘Discovered’, by Brigitte Bardot in 1964, when it was little more than a sleepy fishing village, today it comprises of small low rise pousadas and lodges, most of which over look the ocean and surrounding bays.

Iguacu Falls

The Iguazu Falls are a collection of 280 waterfalls plunging into a 3 km long gorge situated on the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.   Without doubt they are the best falls in the world.  They are so good because unlike other major waterfalls, there are a variety of activities surrounding them. 

Morro de Sao Paulo

Morro de Sao Paulo is a small island situated off the southern coast of Salvador.  Remotely perched at the northern tip of Ilha de Tinhare, Morro’s appeal stems from its relaxed pace (there are no cars on the island) and its unique geography: three jungle-topped hills on a point at the meeting of the mangrove-lined Canal de Taperoa and a clear, shallow Atlantic.


Pipa is a true beach paradise.  The north east coast of Brazil has long been the place to go and relax.  The surrounding area has a range of fine beaches as well as sand dunes in the interior, ideal for exploring by dune buggy!  The coast also has some of the best seafood in Brazil.

The Pantanal

The Pantanal is best described as a small window of Africa in the heart of South America, without the big game!  It is considered to be the world’s biggest wetland area, covering an area the size of Belgium and is situated between the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul (to the north of Iguazu) and extends into Bolivia and Paraguay,  with the majority of the Pantanal lying inside Brazil.


Trancoso was put on the map a few years ago now when a string of film stars took their holidays here.  Trancoso is a place which is surrounded by untouched tropical forests with turquoise bays and white sand beaches, making a perfect get away destination.


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