Family holidays in Belize are full of places that offer ‘soft adventure’ making it an ideal location for a family holiday. It is a country where distances are small, so very little travelling required and it is diverse. Within a 10 day period you could have visited Mayan temples, walked under waterfalls, taken boat rides up remote rivers and swum in the crystal clear Caribbean waters off its coastline, Belize is an unforgettable experience.
One of the big advantages is that it is English speaking, the only country in Latin America that is, which makes getting around a lot easier. It is also ideal for families of all ages as there is something for everyone, a place where your kids can run around and see new things whilst you relax. One of the biggest draws is the pristine reef which runs the length of the country and its close proximity to the shoreline. Here you can snorkel in shallow water or deeper if confident enough and head to sting ray alley where you can stand in shallow waters and be surrounded by sting rays and nurse sharks!

A great alternative to a pure Belize family holiday is to combine it with its neighbour, Guatemala. You can start by visiting the colonial town of Antigua, with its cobbled streets and colourful markets, then head to the impressive Mayan ruins of Tikal before crossing into Belize. We think that this combination combines the best of both worlds; culture and adventure.


For those aged between 2 and 5, Belize may not be ideal as tolerance levels for any type of culture can be low, so finding a beach can often be the main goal.  The beaches on the Cayes could be ideal, but we are not sure you will have enough to do here for a long period of time, so perhaps consider combining with a beach in Mexico.
For those aged between 5 and 18, Belize is be prefect.  It has a lovely balance of jungle, adventure and wildlife as well as superb beaches and excellent snorkelling in both shallow and deep waters. Distances are not too great either, so no long days of travelling and there is also an excellent network of internal flights or private charter if you prefer.


Orange Walk District in the northwest corner of Belize is the most remote and wild district of them all.  The impressive Mayan ruins of Lamanai lie within a vast impenetrable jungle, accessible only by boat. 

The Cayes

The Belizean Cayes are a series of tiny islands off the Belizean coast with porcelain-white beaches and turquoise waters.  With a concentration of over a hundred islands, two stunning atolls and miles of barrier reef, it is hard to find a better place! 

The Cayo District

Situated on the border with Guatemala, The Cayo District, at the centre of which is the small town of San Ignacio, is a land of adventure.  With its jungle covered limestone hills riddled with caves and peppered with Mayan ruins, time here is spent exploring.

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