You’ve probably talked about going there. You no doubt know someone who’s been and came back enthralled.


Let’s face it. On paper. As a holiday destination. Brazil has it all.

Brazil collage

There are more beaches than you can shake a bikini at.


There is the largest rainforest in the world – the Amazon. Home of the Amerindian tribes as well as spectacular wildlife of all shape and size.


There is the rowdy beauty of the Rio carnival and the pulsing afro Brazilian beat of Salvador.


I could go on all day…


And oh yes ..there is the rather large sporting event it hosted in 2016 – the Olympic Games.


Whilst it may seem like a dream destination, there are two things have been holding other people back from visiting.



The first is cost. Over the last five years Brazil has become heart-stoppingly expensive. Hotels in São Paulo, the business capital, or beachside Rio de Janeiro, cost more than in London or Zurich. However now things have changed. Brazil is in the grip of recession and prices have plummeted. It’s now suddenly a lot more affordable for travellers.




The second is infrastructure. The strength of the economy in past years as well as the arrival of big events such as the World Cup and the Olympic games have resulted in significant investment in local infrastructure. This means that the country is easier and safer to travel around than ever before.


Lower costs and improved infrastructure mean that it is an exciting time for travellers to look into Brazil as a holiday destination.

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