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We love travelling and if we can’t be on the road ourselves, then talking about it is the next best thing. Obviously more goes into creating the perfect itinerary than meets the eye, from making sure you are met at every location, if you are on honeymoon then making sure each guide and hotel is aware, to reconfirming your internal and international flights for you whilst you are travelling.

We do this because we want to get things perfect for you, so you don’t lift a finger when travelling with us.  We like nothing more than receiving an email or a phone call on your return to let us know how it all went and to hear how it met or exceeded (hopefully!) your expectations.
So, below you will find some comments from a range of our clients that keep us going here in the office and we hope you to will add to it on your return. 
  While it is still fresh in our minds I just wanted to write and tell you what an amazing holiday we had in Peru and how grateful we are to you for your organization.
We really liked all the hotels you recommended, all the connections worked well with the local guides, and the itinerary was perfect.
Many thanks and kind regards
David and Victoria

Just to let you know we are back in one piece from our trip round South America, and if you want a debrief at any time, just let us know when it's convenient to have a chat via Skype.
We had a great holiday with many new experiences, and would recommend you to anyone to organise such a trip as everything worked know about Alto Atacama so won't go into that further.
Very typically, BA were late leaving Buenos Aires so we are awaiting our luggage...they could learn a thing or two from LAN Chile!!
All the Best and hope to chat sometime when convenient.
Irene and Andrew

Just wanted to drop you a line to say what a great time Sarah and I had on our trip. Everything went really smoothly and it was all so amazing that I couldn’t pick a favourite bit!
Really liked Peru, Bolivia was amazing and it was great to wind down at the end in the Atacama, though I did climb a volcano so not all r&r! All the guides were really good and the hotels were perfect.
In terms of specific feedback:

the El Mapi Hotel in Aguas Calientes is really good and a great bargain. Our guide said the food was some of the best he had had in Peru. Definitely one to recommend to people. 

the system for climbing Huayna Picchu has completely changed recently. There is no longer a queuing system and you have to book and pay in advance just like for the Inca trail. We weren’t able to climb it as it was fully booked, but Akorn were able to organise it so I could climb Cerro Macchu Picchu, which was great fun and had much better views than Huayna Picchu according to the guide! As I understand it, they are also implementing a booking system for Cerro Macchu Picchu as well so it seems everything needs to be booked in advance now. Cerro Macchu Picchu is well worth the climb, though it is tough going and only for the more energetic! One other thing to note is that lots of people don’t take up their bookings on Huayna Picchu and in fact our guide checked and we could have gone up in the afternoon, but I was pretty tired by then. So even if it appears to be fully booked, the guides can check at the entrance and probably get you through. 

The flight to Uyuni was fine, if a bit mad. The timings changed to early morning and we had to go to the military airport to get the flight, which seemed to be in an old converted military plane! I would still recommend this as it does avoid the long overland drive and means you get to spend some time exploring the edge of the salt flats when you get to Uyuni which was good fun. 
Do let me know if you would like specific feedback on any other points.
Thanks again for all your help and advice. Sarah and I had a fabulous time and we will definitely get in touch if we want to head back to South America
Many thanks

We had a great time and thank you for organising it and for selecting the accommodation. We met some people from Buenos Aires at Peuma Hue and they check our itinerary and said our agent was spot on with his recommendations
Comments on holiday
BA flight out cramped and we had an airline hostess who would have been good on the Office. She was Scottish over 50 and abrupt. If you were foreign she was almost rude
Great we got the 1stflight into Bariloche. Collected and transferred according to plan
Peuma Hue was fab. Great owner and her partner, great food and lots of activities. Meet so interesting people. Mark & Anita arrived safely after an 11 hour transfer. Surprisingly they were in good humour. Enjoyed all 4 days.
6 hour transfer in the early hours of the morning OK and good hotel at El Calafate. Well positioned in town for restaurants and good decor.

Tours were great especially the boat trip where we had VIP seats on the captains bridge with our own waiter. This was a real treat and would highly recommend. Again representatives good.

Back to Buenos Aires and we loved the hotel. Meet some other people from Essex who we knew of and a number of Americans. All very friendly. The day trip was excellent especially the visit to the Tigre Delta with the boat trip and lunch. On our spare day we meet the people from Buenos Aires who were staying at Bariloche.

Off to the falls. Shame we got dumped into the Sheraton. Just like any International hotel. Both trips were good and our guide Carlos was excellent and by the end of the two days was one of us.

Then to Rio. Up till then we had had excellent weather but arrived Wed and rained off and on all the time we were there sometimes very heavily. Therefore no chance to go on the beach. We did organise two trips with your representative. Eddie was a nice man but his English was only OK. Bad weather always dampens your enthusiasm for a place. However the hotel was very good and in a good location.

Said goodbye to the rest and off to Buzios.  Wondered what we were in for but when we arrived at the hotel we had no fears. The place and hotel were very special especially Seb their hotel guest relations manager. Rained all day Sunday and a little cloudy the remaining days but we still very much enjoyed the resort. The rooms 17 & !8 in the hotel were spacious and had great views over the bay.

Collected and returned to Rio airport and good flight home with a great BA team and a little more space between the seats. So different from the way out!

All in all a great time and excellent itinerary. We will have no hesitation in recommending you to our friend.

Thanks for your input. You gave us a trouble free holiday so we could just enjoy ourselves.
Paul & Sheena

Now we’re back to reality and have managed our first days in the office we wanted to take a few mins to say thank you for organizing the most fantastic 3 week honeymoon for us.  We also want to thank you for the kind gift of the bottle of wine due to the Iguasu transfer being late!  We also really appreciate you helping us to see whether we could change out return flight times as the 7 hour wait in Lima was something we’d have liked to cut down; however it all worked out fine in the end and we were able to upgrade our Lima – Amsterdam to business class at the airport so we slept and were a lot more comfortable.
As for feedback we thought the timing, spacing and order of the different locations were all excellent – especially as we have never been to South America and really didn’t know what to expect. When we spoke to other tourists doing similar visits we commented often at how we preferred our order of locations.
Pepe who met us at Lima was fantastic and friendly and only had to walk us over the road to the Ramada hotel at the airport! It was a nice modern hotel but the only draw back there was that our room faced the road so the traffic and car horns (and plane!) noises were loud.
The jungle was an amazing experience and the inkaterra lodge was good. They were well run expeditions with intelligent tour guides. It might be interesting to see what the Inkaterra’s newer lodge might be like as it is near by – they also mentioned that as it is new there is more chance of seeing all the animals as the lodge hasn’t been there for so long. It might be a smarter complex too if it’s newer.
In Cusco (which we loved!) we stayed at the best hotel by far – La Casona. The staff made a complete fuss of us for our honeymoon, the hotel standard and quality and level of service were second to none. We’d go back there happily! 
Our least favourite hotel was El Pueblo Machu Picchu – the guide lady we had for the first day around the site however was the most intelligent and interesting and friendly we met and the climb of huayna picchu was great fun and one of our highlights.  Back to the hotel – when we got there is was late afternoon and the hotel and our room were cold and damp. The Coltur lady was helpful however and she called to check in with us and then helped us locate a second heater for the room and we were lucky enough to be able to light a fire.  The food at the restaurant however made up for the cold and damp temperature and not very friendly staff nor atmosphere – it was great food and great restaurant service too.
Rio Sagrado was great too at the end and we did need this time to relax and stay in one spot – it was the right length of time to unwind and chill out properly before our return. The staff were very friendly and helpful (too helpful at times in the restaurant) and the manager made us feel very welcome and put us in a great suite and helped arrange a bottle of sparkling wine for our arrival as Tim had emailed ahead and requested this.  They are also planning on adding a swimming pool and updating the entrance area with fountains and gardens as it looks pretty shabby on arrival and we did panic that we had turned up somewhere average for our last destination of our trip.
Back to Brazil too – the drive out and back to Buzios was quick and efficient and the Insolito hotel was very relaxing and a perfect 1st stop – they waited on us (we were practically the only ones there) and they suggested some great hotels too. A lovely spot and deffo recommended.
Rio was great and we fitted in 3 x half day tours and saw the sights. Port Bay was functional and that’s all we needed as we spent little time in the hotel – the staff’s restaurant choices were terrible however so people should know to do their own research! We’d recommend Sushi Leblon as it was a lovely area and the best sushi we have ever had!
Thanks again and we look forward to potentially working with you again – we have the South American bug and we’re hoping to head back to Argentina for 2 weeks next year! We are buying houses and juggling finances so we will have to wait and see as to when and how extravagant we can make it, but we will keep you posted!
Thanks again for your great level service.
Kind regards

Thought we would make contact at this point of our trip.  We came back to El Calafate yesterday and were met by the delightful Paula.  We have a splendiforous suite at Hotel Esplendor overlooking the lake.  When we arrived here we were in time to have a walk down to the Nimes Lake bird sanctuary which was amazing with black necked swans, flamingoes and many species of duck.  The trip so far has been excellent:  BA was frenetic with the wonderful tango show and a day at Tigre.  Ushuaia had weather but we had the boat trip on the Beagle Channel seeing whales, sealions, cormorants, steamer duck and others.  The trek to Laguna Perdita (Esmerelda) was excellent and we were turned a little green by all he guests at the hotel taking off for a 12 day trip to Antarctica!!  El Calafate super, with the glacier trips and walk on the ice a real experience.  The centre section was about to rupture while we were there and indeed did so on the Sunday ... must have been an awesome sight.  El Chalten was windy to say the least:  but we had two good days trekking up to Laguna Capri and Laguna Torre - Richard was almost disappointed at not having a clear view of Fitzroy but in the end it obliged.  We are about to fly to Bariloche .... the trip seems to be flying by.  We just want you to know that you have done a great job for us. 
Kindest regards

Richard and Belle

Sorry I haven't written before but once we were back life became a tad hectic.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our holiday the country was very interesting and the people delightful.  It is probably the safest country we have visited and whilst the people are generally cash poor there was no begging and they all seemed content with their lot.  We couldn't get over the condition of their animals it was so good we came to the conclusion that the drier grass they were eating had to be packed full of minerals from the volcanoes.  Morgan's Rock was the icing on the cake thank you so much.

Dave and Jacky

We had a great time and thank you for organising it and for selecting the accommodation. We met some people who check our itinerary and said you were spot on with your recommendations.

Comments on holiday

Great we got the 1st flight into Bariloche. Collected and transferred according to plan. Peuma Hue was fab. Great owner and her partner, great food and lots of activities and we met so many interesting people. Mark & Anita arrived safely after an 11 hour transfer! Surprisingly they were in good humour and we enjoyed all 4 days here.

Good hotel at El Calafate. Well positioned in town for restaurants and good decor. Tours were great especially the boat trip where we had VIP seats on the captains bridge with our own waiter. This was a real treat and would highly recommend. Again, your representatives were good.

Back to Buenos Aires and we loved the hotel. Met some other people from where we live in Essex who we knew of and a number of Americans. All very friendly. The day trip was excellent especially the visit to the Tigre Delta with the boat trip and lunch. On our spare day we met the people from Buenos Aires who were staying at Bariloche.

Off to the Iguazu falls. Shame we got dumped into the Sheraton, but this was not your fault, it is just like any other international hotel. Both trips were good and our guide Carlos was excellent and by the end of our two days here he was one of us.

Then to Rio. Up till then we had had excellent weather but arrived Wed and rained off and on all the time we were there sometimes very heavily. Therefore no chance to go on the beach. We did organise two trips with your representative. Eddie was a nice man but his English was only OK. Bad weather always dampens your enthusiasm for a place. However the hotel was very good and in a good location.

Said goodbye to the rest and off to Buzios.  Wondered what we were in for but when we arrived at the hotel we had no fears. The place and hotel were very special, especially Seb the hotel guest relations manager. Rained all day Sunday and a little cloudy the remaining days but we still very much enjoyed the Casa Brancas hotel. The rooms 17 & 18 in the hotel were spacious and had great views over the bay.

Collected and returned to Rio airport and a good flight home with a great BA team and a little more space between the seats. So different from the way out!

All in all, this was a great holiday and an excellent itinerary. We will have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends.
Thanks for your input. You gave us a trouble free holiday so we could just enjoy ourselves.
Paul & Sheena

Just to let you know that we had an amazing holiday in Chile!!  We enjoyed it all and your advice to go walking on the glacier was excellent advice!  For me, it was my favourite day of the holiday and it was me who didn't want to go!
We absolutely loved Lapostolle.  It was Simon's favourite place that we have ever stayed.  So we were wondering about going back next January and going to Valparaiso for about 3 nights and then staying at Lapostolle for 3 nights and having a couple of days in Santiago.  There is one thing though.  We want to stay in the same room - Carmenere when we go to Lapostolle.  It was by far the best room with the best view and we will try to fit the dates to ensure that we can stay in it. 
We also liked La Reve in Santiago and would be happy to stay there when we go to Santiago if you think that's a good thing to do but are also open to other suggestions.
Thank you again for organising such a lovely holiday and we'll look forward to hearing from you
Simon & Judy

I just thought I’d email you to say thanks for arranging an amazing holiday for myself and my friend Jayne. Everything went very smoothly and we were very impressed with everything, especially the resort in Praia do Rosa where the treatment was amazing.
Although learning to surf with a hangover isn’t necessarily the way forwards!

We will definitely recommend you to any friends looking to venture to this part of the world!

Thanks again
Georgina Day

We just wanted to say thank you as we had a really fantastic holiday! Peru was figuratively and sometimes literally (!) breath-taking. We experienced adventure and luxury and all the little organisational holiday chores one normally deals with were whisked away by the guides/representatives. Each guide was kind, polite, informative, interesting and accommodating. Thanks to you too for the advice you gave us and the work that you put in prior to our departure.

We hope that you are well and thank you once again!
Gillian and Kofi Kyei

Just a quick note as i know Rich just spoke to you for a while and filled you in on everything.
Really truly, as he just told you, it was all incredible and a huge part of it was down to your expertise - i have raved to everyone about how great it was that we were met and greeted by an English speaking person (and obviously very knowledgeable in their area) at every arrival & departure which was very comforting and helpful, and also the fact that the accommodation was spot on - in the sense of where you spent our money etc... according to which places we would be around the hotel more...
Thank you so much for helping make the trip a one in a lifetime, and one that we won't forget. Rich asked me to send you details re the dinner we had whilst in Pipa, It really was an experience and a lovely way to celebrate Rich's birthday - Not sure if you speak Portuguese/Spanish? I assume you do, seeing as you lived and worked out there - but if you don't, let them know as they organised a translator the night we came - food was incredible, all the things we loved!
Thanks again, and look forward to having another big trip that we can plan with you.
Richard and Nicky

Hills and I hope to pop across to Parson's Green sometime soon to say a proper thanks, but for now can I say a massive thank you for all you did for our spectacular honeymoon. Hills was blown away by the places we saw and stayed in (as was I) and the whole thing couldn't have gone any better. We both felt totally spoilt and blessed, so thanks so much for sorting it all. As I mentioned earlier, we'll pop by sometime soon.
Thanks again.

We wanted to write to thank you for such a wonderful trip. We had a fantastic time throughout Mexico, Guatemala, & Belize. If you would like any feedback about the places then we are more than happy to discuss.
Thank you again it was an absolute blast!!!
Kindest Regards
Mark & Emilie

Just a quick note of thanks for organising our honeymoon. We had a fantastic time helped in no small measure by the fact all the transfers worked smoothly and each place you recommended was perfect for our needs. We’d happily recommend Latin Odyssey to anyone else looking to explore South America.
Thanks again,
Niall & Daniela

As promised some feedback from our trip.
We had a great time and spent the right amount of time in each place. Both your local agents in Brazil were v good and punctual. The Porto Bay hotel was good and Rio fantastic, La Chimere perfect for a family, well located, attractive and very pleasant staff. Das Cataratas was a lovely way to end and of course the Falls were spectacular, together with the boat trip!
Very well planned, thank you.
Best wishes

We had a wonderful time. The time in Rio was great, guide was superb and we thought the trips up the mountain to the Christ and Sugar Loaf was great. Loved the "BBQ's", the hotel and views on both sides of the river in Iguassu were spectacular, the Argentinian side better than Brazilian. Again our guide was great and the hotel, well you couldn't ask for better.
You were right in your surmise. The trip into and stay at the Pantanal was the highlight. What a gem of a place to stay, and Paul and his team treated us just like family. It was a fantastic place to stay with so much wildlife to see. We spent a lot of our time on the river which was so peaceful. Again our guide here was Manoela from Camp Grande, and she sure knows her birdlife and animals.
Although Salvador was a complete contrast and the vibrant life with music everywhere, it was such a contrast to the Pantanal that in many ways it was too much noise and people too soon. The hotel was one of your little specials which we loved, and our two French owners made us very welcome. Great little restaurants and we loved the little theatre show we went to.
Well what a way to finish, the Anima was again a wonderful place and spot to be in to wind down the vacation. Once again our hosts were excellent and we were looked after once again almost like family.
Everywhere we went, the food was superb and accommodation excellent. Yes we had 11 flights but in a country the size of Brazil you take that as part of the trip and enjoy. Loved the re-arranged taxi flight from Salvador and back, a little six seater, great fun.
So, once again you have done us proud, so very many thanks, we really appreciate the time and effort you put in to make it happen.
Best regards
Tim & Nell

We had the BEST time!!! We both loved every single day -every time I went to a new place I wanted to stay! We just loved it all!!! We saw, drank, ate and loved everything!
As you can imagine it’s a bit crazy catching up on things and being first day back at work (it’s hurting!) but we we're planning to call or pop in and see you/ thank you so will be in touch in a few days when normality may have returned! I can’t actually remember what that is!
Sophie Ballinger

Apologies for not contacting you earlier but today is the first 'real' day home.
We had an absolutely fantastic holiday - thank you.  Everything went extremely well; the organisation was first class and the people were so friendly and helpful.  Even the earthquake did not deflect us in any way.  Explora sorted out our flight to Santiago without any fuss, the airport was in disarray but their disaster plan was working superbly.  Baggage handling wasn't working so we had to pick our bags up from the tarmac and re book in to Calama in a tent.   Every-one was helpful, cheerful and no frayed tempers despite (to us) extreme heat.  Somehow we cannot see the same happening in this country and the people of Chile have to be commended for their attitude.
Buenos Aries - fabulous city, very good food and easily accessible.  Lucy, the guide, gave us good information on day 1 and we found our way around with the help of a guide book and managed to do everything we wanted to do in the four days. Faena was wonderful! It has two very good restaurants and very helpful and friendly staff.  It was as quirky as we hoped and we thoroughly enjoyed it and its quiet location.
Iguazu was dramatic, fantastic waterfalls beyond what we could imagine.  Pleased we only had two nights there as very touristy. The hotel was very nice and obviously the best in the area but the price of the extras i.e. bar and restaurant was excessive (they know they are the only show in town).
El Pedral was an absolute delight.  The place, the people and the guests were fantastic.  This was our first introduction to the 'country' and we did not guess that metalled roads stopped just outside of Trelew!  The enjoyment of El Pedral is its location and the knowledge and enthusiasm of Wendt.  On our last day, we were the only guests and Wendt took us on quad bikes along the beach to see the new Penguin colony and then a further walk to watch Elephant seals.  We were so close to them and sat for two hours just watching in wonderful sunshine.  Although late back for lunch, it didn't matter and Amelia the hostess just reorganised everything.  Food and wines were very good.
Transfer to Eolo was easy and Wendt made sure we were booked in and organised.  The hotel was as remote as it looks on the brochure and the day we arrived the Patagonian wind was blowing.  Room was great with wonderful views and we were so pleased we had asked for the corner suite.  The welcome at the hotel was first class and the excursions were better than we expected.  Cecilia, our guide was very informative and enthusiastic with good English and a lovely manner and the car was always clean despite our muddy boots.  
The walk on the glacier was mind blowing - why did we think glaciers were flat surfaced and the air freezing cold?  At the end of the walk we were given a glass of Grouse whisky with ice chipped out from the glacier (10 yr old whisky and 400yr old water) - amazing!  The boat trip was also very good with good commentary in good viewing, confortable surroundings.  The food at Eolo was excellent and their interpretation of a packed lunch goes way beyond what we expected.  We also managed to be there when they had barbequed Patagonian lamb - another first, especially as they took us through the kitchens to see how it was being cooked.  The transfer to Chile was easy, good driver and the 5 hour trip was not overtaxing; but how did he know when to turn off the main road to the border post? - We didn't see any signs. 
Explora was waiting for us at the border and Cecilia smoothed our transfer to Chile so that we did not have any hassle.  The drive to Explora was amazing as the Massif became closer.  We saw guanaco, rhea, and foxes as we drove along, the two guides who met us giving running commentary on what we could see.
We were impressed with the location and architecture of the hotel and the view from the room was stunning.  It was difficult not to keep looking as the changes in light reflected on the mountains.  We did two walks; the first day to French valley which was not particularly difficult and on the second day we walked to the ancient lake which were told was flat other than a steep climb at the start. 
Patagonian flat is different to our flat but we felt we had achieved something at the end.  Both guides - Christina and Erin were excellent and knowledgeable.  Erin was also a very gifted photographer and did a slide show of her work.  Food, wine and bar good, service excellent (very attentive but unobtrusive manager, Carlos) and nothing was problem to them.  We left Explora at 4.30am and Carlos was there to ensure we left safely having reorganised the flights very well.
Atacama!  This was something we could not have envisaged as being as good as it was.  Awasi was superb, the rooms so well thought out and appointed.  So much food we couldn't keep up but excellent quality.  Erin had given us good advice to allay altitude sickness (the day before arriving drink lots of water and when you think you have drunk enough, drink more and keep drinking whilst there) and we did not particularly suffer any ill effect at 2500 meters. Not having had any experience of being at altitude and not having experienced any problems when we arrived, it was therefore a surprise to us that when we visited the old fort at San Pedro and started climbing, oxygen didn't reach the lungs and legs as quickly as we would have liked.
Our guide at Awasi was Jorge and we couldn't have had better.  A very personable, intelligent, interesting and extremely knowledgeable young man to whom nothing was any trouble and no question went unanswered.  He gave us so much information, geology, volcanology, astronomy, archaeological, historical and botanical - it was just fantastic.  We floated in salt pools, swam in warm springs, walked geysers and kept warm in the steam whilst the temperature was -6C, and had lunch at 16000ft looking at scenery we have only seen in pictures.  The trip to the highest point was literally breath taking and the short walk of 100 metres let us know how high we were but we were so close to the flamingos!
The driver - Wilson - was also excellent on both metalled and rough terrain. On our last night, Jorge picked us up after dinner and took us into the desert to look at the stars through his own telescope.  He gave excellent commentary and the sky at home is nothing compared to what we saw.  Our great thanks to Jorge and the team at Awasi.
As you can deduce, this holiday has been an experience of a life time.  We don't doubt you will have experienced most of the above but we can only say thank-you for your knowledge, advice and organisation.  Each stage of the holiday seemed to be better than the last, we never got bored or tired, the transfer journeys were always interesting and we have learnt so much.  The people of Argentina and Chile are fantastic and we hope that Chile does not suffer too much as a result of the earthquake.
Many thanks, it was a trip better than we could have imagined!
Best wishes
Janet and Bill

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help booking the holiday. We had a fantastic time in Brazil, and really enjoyed our stay there. Itinerary worked out perfectly and actually made it feel a much longer break than two weeks.  Accommodation was great throughout and the local agents very easy to deal with. We'll definitely be heading back at some point, although maybe to explore Argentina so will be in touch if we do.
Thanks again for your help

We got back yesterday from a great holiday
We have to say that all of the hotels were excellent, particularly the Loisuites Recoleta, which was ideally located, comfortable and all of the staff were really helpful and friendly; and the Ponta dos Ganchos, which was unbelievable. The bungalow, the setting, the food, the staff and everything else was perfect – all we were hoping for, and more.
We also loved the colonial style of the El Ombu de Areco Estancia and wished we could have been there longer (we arrived at 4:30 and had to leave at 10:30 the following morning), but I think that’s probably our fault because I recall that you originally suggested that we stay overnight in Buenos Aires and drive out there in the morning.
Once again, many thanks for your faultless arrangements and advice, and for putting up with our frequent changes of mind while we were planning the trip. I think we will be doing something different next year, but we would have no hesitation about asking you to arrange any future holidays in Latin America for us, and we would certainly recommend you to our friends.
Kind regards
Richard & Sally Brown

I am just writing you a quick e-mail to say thank you for organising a terrific trip for myself and Teresa. Everything was spot on, the guides arranged were superb, we cannot speak highly enough about any of them. All the trips were fantastic.
Thank you so so much.

We will definitely recommend you, and I will be back to you sometime in the New Year for part 2 of our trip around Peru and other parts of South America.
Many thanks again
Tom Parsons

Thank you for all your help and organisation for our honeymoon. We had an amazing time and everything went exactly to plan.
Rio - We were met By Ricardo. Although we didn't do any organized trips with the guide, he was very helpful when we phoned to him to ask advice on what to do and where to go. The Ipanema plaza was great location and we had great views of the beach and Christ the redeemer. Hotel reception staff was always helpful.
Salvador - Again met on arrival.  The Casa do Amarelindo we were given a tour of the hotel and shown to our lovely room. Great hotel, superb location and very helpful staff. Best Caipirinha's we had all holiday!
We booked a tour of the city with our guide which was a great way of seeing the city. Costas speaks very good English and was very informative he obviously knows the city extremely well. The Pelourinho district is a beautiful place we were so pleased we took your advice to visit Salvador.
Pipa - Met on arrival By Nelson - Nelson is was a great character and one of the nicest people we met. He speaks good English and was so friendly. The reception staff at Sombra e agua Fresca didn't speak great English but enough to get by and Nelson was always on the phone to translate or answer any questions we had. We would be very grateful if you could pass on our praise to Nelson.
The Hotel was amazing the room was huge with a brilliant view. Pipa had lots of beautiful beaches, nice restaurants and bars.
Overall we had a great time. The only down side was the amount of travelling involved. It is a shame that most flights in and out of Brazil go through Sao Paolo. It would be interesting to know if any companies are planning on running flights direct to places like Natal or Recife.
Thanks Again.
Steve Collins

We had a fantastic trip in South America.  All of the arrangements slotted together seamlessly and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We thought it might be useful for you to have some comments on the hotels you chose for us.
Loisuites hotel. Very suitable for the job we needed.  Unremarkable but efficient hotel in the centre of town.  Rooms a bit on the small side for all of the luggage organising and reorganising we had to do, but on our third visit we were upgraded to a bigger room which was much better.
Das Cataratas hotel. Very nice hotel.  Room overlooking the falls.  Great swimming pool.  Only problem was that the catering and restaurant service was just not up to the standard of the rest of the hotel facilities. 
Cumbres de Martial hotel. A curious quirky place.  Our room was a house in the woods with an open fire and a Jacuzzi.  However the fire smoked so badly we had to open the door to breathe and the water for the Jacuzzi was tepid the first night and full of mud the second night.   
Mare Australis. Great trip.  Cabin very comfortable.  Hard work being ready in lifejackets for an expedition at 7am most mornings but well worth it.
Cabo de Hornos hotel. Only one quite stormy night here.  Room fine.  Bar and public areas a bit gloomy.
Explora hotel. Great place.  Not a place to relax in, but when the weather improved the hikes and horse riding were spectacular.  Great food including the Patagonian lamb barbecue.
Eolo Lodge. Excellent.  Loved it.  Unbelievable location.  Great food.  Although the glacier trips were very impressive our free day was the best when we just walked up the hill behind the hotel.
Altogether we loved the trip and are now wondering when we should go again, maybe including Antarctica.
Many thanks for everything.
Stephen and Madeleine

This is to let you know that we had a really fantastic time in Brazil and to thank you for organising such an excellent trip for us. Everything worked out really well and all the hotels were excellent and we had upgrades of rooms and special treatment everywhere.
I shall have no hesitation in recommending you and the hotels we stayed in.
Thank you  
Corinne Rosenberg

Now that we’re back into the swing of normal life we just wanted to say thank you for organising a superb honeymoon for us. We had an absolutely incredible time, and loved every minute of it.
Florianopolis gave us the time to relax that we so needed after our wedding. Our villa was beautiful (and huge!), and to say we were excited to see the whales is an understatement. The boat we were in actually got knocked by one whale we were so close! And we were very lucky to see one jumping out of the water more than a few times.
Iguassu was stunning – unfortunately our Friday flights were delayed but we managed to pack lots in to the Saturday, and saw both sides of the falls (the Brazilian side was astounding!) and do the speedboat trip. It was pretty cold there but that meant there were no mosquitoes which was a big plus.
The Pantanal was beautiful and probably, if we had to pick one, our favourite part of the trip. The guides were so friendly and knowledgeable, it was a pleasure listening to them. There was so much wildlife to see, and we even saw a jaguar on the last morning, we were so lucky (the tapir was lucky enough!)
In Rio we managed to find some brilliant bars to listen to samba and bossa nova. We did Sugar Loaf on the only hot day we were there and went up to Christ the Redeemer as well. And we can’t talk highly enough of Porcao Rio, the steak is just divine!
Unfortunately the last two days in Rio, and 4 of the 5 days in Buzios were very wet, so we didn’t get to as many beaches as we thought we might. But that didn’t stop us having a great time and enjoying the many restaurants and bars there (and even the tenpin bowling!) – Bar do Ze is out of this world.
All of the accommodation and food was of a very high standard, and being transferred everywhere meant we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We’ve taken so many photos we don’t know what to do with them - around 1300 I think!!! So thank you again, it really was the best holiday ever, and we’d love to go back to revisit some of these places or go to other parts of Brazil.
Kind regards
Larraine & Tunu

Well we've now arrived in our final destination in Australia! So before we start finding jobs and somewhere to live etc. I thought I'd let you know how our honeymoon went.
Basically we loved it, really had a great time. Don't know how much detail about the hotels and everything you want? So I'll let you know generally what we thought and if you want to know anything further just ask.
Our hotel in Rio (Marina All Suites) was great. The staff were really friendly and when they realised it was our honeymoon (some hotels seemed to know this already) they waited for us to go out and they made a heart shape out of petals on our bed and left us a voucher each for a free 30 min massage, which was really nice of them. Our contact in Rio was really helpful and friendly too. We totally loved Rio. We hired bikes and rode along Ipanema and Copacabana, went up Sugar Loaf Mountain, went up to the Jesus statue, went up to Santa Teresa on the tram etc. And we had a great time at the football game at the Maracana, so thanks for organising that.
Then we went to Manaus. The lodge was great and we really enjoyed staying there. We didn't see too much in the way of animals but we did enjoy it there. Staff were friendly, food was great and the accommodation was good. And the fact they had a pool there, and air con in the rooms, was great. Oh and they gave us champagne and chocolates for our honeymoon which was really nice.
Then we went to Iguazu, which was great. Our contact there was really friendly and checked us into the hotel, which was fine. We thought we had the morning free to ourselves to wander round the falls but our contact person said he was taking us round so basically we had a guide. It was nice that he was there but we didn't really need a guide, it's pretty easy to just walk around the Brazilian side on your own! The boat trip was great and yes we got soaked! Then the next day we were with our guide all day on the Argentinian side. We were lucky I think that it was meant to be the dry season but actually there was tons of water going over the falls, so it looked great.
Then we flew to Buenos Aires. Our contact there was really lovely and hilarious! Couldn't have been more helpful. We had a nice few days there - really enjoyed the tango show, that was a great experience (didn't realise there would be free champagne and wine there though! If we'd had known that we wouldn't have had dinner and a bottle of wine just before the show!).
Then it was Peru. We had our Lima contact meet us from our flight and transfer us to the internal flight to Cusco. He was nice but we didn't really need help transferring between flights, I guess we're just used to doing that by ourselves! Then the contact in Cuzco was friendly too. We got transferred to our hotel in the Sacred Valley. I'm so glad you got us into the Casa Andina Private Collection in the Sacred Valley because it was so lovely there! Really liked that place.
Then we ended up doing the Inca Trail as a private tour! I don't know how we managed that or whether it's just the way it worked out with the number of people doing it that day etc., but either way it was brilliant. Our guide - Harry - was excellent. And having him to ourselves was great. He said he'd try and avoid the crowds by making our itinerary a bit different to most peoples - I didn't think that would work at all but we basically didn't see any other people on the trail (apart from one group of Americans who must have been on the same sort of timetable as us and who we overtook every day). We loved doing the trek. It was pretty hard in places (especially day 3!) but really loved it. Amazing scenery and wildlife. Food was great too, and the porters are amazing carrying all that stuff and running past us on the trail like we were standing still!
The only bad thing about it was on the last day Damian got sick, so that was difficult. But still okay. Arriving at Machu Picchu was amazing and I'm so glad we didn't stay at that awful looking camp on our last night (Winay Wayna or something?) in order to get to the Sun Gate for sunrise. Arriving in the afternoon was totally fine!
We collapsed at our hotel (Hatuchay Towers) that night and it was great. Nice and clean and a comfy bed and hot shower! Damian was still pretty sick that night. Unfortunately I got sick when I woke up the next morning (although he was feeling better by then!). We went back up to Machu Picchu but by the time we got the sun was just coming up – amazing!
We got the train no probs. Our hotel in Cusco was okay but I think we'd been a bit spoilt by the one in the Sacred Valley. We asked our contact if we were able to upgrade to the Private Collection in Cusco (we asked when we were in the Private Collection in the Sacred Valley to see if he could arrange it while we were on the trek) but I guess it wasn't possible. The hotel was alright. We did manage to go out for a meal on my birthday though. Went to the MAP Cafe which was great.
Then that was our South America section of our trip over! We loved South America, so thanks so much for arranging everything. Let me know if you want to know anything further.
Thanks very much,
Emma and Damian

How are you? I never actually thanked you for arranging such a wonderful trip for Jeremy and me.  I have never been on such a well organised and well planned trip in my whole life. Everything was seamless and I have recommended you to so many of my friends.
I thought I would tell you that I have another work colleague who might be getting in touch called Ana Tomic in the next couple of weeks, as she wants to spend some time in Argentina.
Also, would it please be possible for you to email me my itinerary and also Jeremy’s full one as well. As, I wanted to show them as an example to some friends how brilliant it all was.
Thank you so much.

We returned from our trip this evening and wanted to drop you a line to say how much we enjoyed the trip.  After a disastrous start it was so good to be met by Ramiro our guide and transferred to The Hilton rather than have the 2 hour drive to the Hacienda.  The Hacienda was beautiful and Nick, the owner, very interesting to talk to.
The staff on The Eclipse were great and we had a fantastic time.  There was a mix up with Malc's diving as the original company had a problem with their boat and so transferred the job to another company.  The new boat was fine and at least Malc got his dives.
Please pass on our thanks to your agents for their excellent time keeping, super-efficient and friendly service.
Thank you for all your help.
Best Wishes

I am sorry it has taken so long to give you feedback on our FANTASTIC trip; we fell in love with Peru and its people.
Everyone who looked after us was fabulous, Juan Carlos and his brother, they were very special guides and we could tell they loved their subject, and definitely brought the Incas' alive for us. They were truly friendly and professional as was our driver Mr Renata
Jorge our rep in Lima was extremely helpful and a special thank you to Marco in Ica, who arranged for his driver to take us all the way back to Lima so as not to miss our flight to Rio, when our bus failed to arrive on our return trip, not only was this arranged he took the 6 hour journey with us as the driver could not speak English. This was the only slight hiccup but he made a potential disaster a triumph as we caught our plane to Rio with minutes to spare!!
We were delighted by the great service we had everywhere, we didn’t even have to think and it was done!! It gave us time to take in the breath taking scenery and all many different kinds of people
We Look forward to travelling with you guys again, Juan Carlos may have persuaded David to do the Inca trail, I think I will be happy to stay behind in the Sacred Valley, another trip to Machu Picchu and of course Ollantaytambo.
We would like to congratulate you providing such excellent value for money and have recommended your company to friends and colleagues alike.
I would just also like to ask if you know where we could make a small donation towards the rebuild after the earthquake, just a few pounds but we just wanted to give something to the people rebuilding, especially around Ica.
We look forward to travelling with you again
Denise and David

We just wanted to say Thank you for organising such a great trip for us! We had a brilliant time!
I didn’t give Elizabeth (in Buenos Aires) her feedback form but please can you pass on to the company that she was excellent! In fact she was our favourite guide! She’s so laid back, helpful, but always on time (early in fact) for picking us up, a really lovely lady.
We really enjoyed the Tango show; we ended up having dinner there as well, and had excellent seats
The hotel in BA was fantastic in fact when we went back the second time we got upgraded to a massive room! All the hotels were great; the only 2 that weren’t quite as good were the Mirador in El Chalten & Praia Ipanema.  The Mirador looked very nice from the outside, the public rooms were very nice, and the staff were great, but our room was quite dated.
The Praia was very dated, but then all the hotels along the front there seemed to be, but the staff were very friendly the breakfast was great. Los Cerros was marvellous we couldn’t fault it at all! They even got champagne delivered to our room when they found out we were on honeymoon!
The Das Cataratas hotel at Iguassu was fantastic!! You booked a suite for us which was a nice surprise! And Casas Brancas was amazing!!! Again, a gorgeous hotel, lovely room overlooking the ocean, very friendly and helpful staff, a brilliant way to end it!
The other thing worth mentioning is the VIP boat trip in El Calafate, it was fantastic!!! There were hardly any other people in the VIP section so we could take photos and see without being surrounded by crowds of people, we had our own private balconies and the champers at the end was a lovely treat! It was well worth the extra money to be in the VIP section.
So, thank you for all your hard work! We had the trip of a lifetime! And my comments about the hotels are in no way a compliant, I was just pointing it out to you as you may find it useful next time you do your review of hotels.
Thanks again.
Claire & Ciaran

Just a quick note to let you know we had a fantastic time on holiday, all places visited were great as were the hotels in particular the convent in Salvador and the Alvear Palace in Buenos Aries. All flights and transfers went smoothly and it is somewhere we would like to visit again in the future, all guides throughout the holiday were excellent, thanks for your help in making the arrangements.
Martyn Harvey

We had a wonderful time on Honeymoon.  Everything ran like clock-work out there and the guides were lovely people.  We really didn't have to think for ourselves from the moment we arrived in Lima.  Arequipa was interesting & the hotel's location was incredible - hard to believe it's actually so quiet but slap bang in the middle of the city. 
Colca was a great adventure and the back-drop for the hot springs you couldn't ask for more.  Have I said the sun shone for almost the entire trip?  Machu Picchu was also sun-soaked and took your breath away.  The climb to Winay Picchu did for sure!  Some of the construction work there just defies logic. The Hotel in Cuzco was also a great experience.  We also visited the Floating Islands whilst in Puno and found meeting the indigenous folk an unforgettable experience.  They gave us a little wedding gift too.  And finally the Jungle where we met some lovely people and a sloth who'd been up his tree for 3 weeks apparently.  All in all it was fantastic.
Bucuti & Aruba are great destinations too.  The hotel room were big/clean/well air conditioned and opened out onto the best beach I have stayed on.  White sand, palm trees, azure seas.  Plenty of room between cabanas, waiter service and all the staff were very friendly.  Aruba itself?  Well we didn't do a lot but when we did venture out we found some excellent restaurant options and friendly locals.  Getting round was pretty cheap too.  8 dollars for a taxi ride wherever basically.  Oh and I don't think I heard a single other British accent for the whole week - quite refreshing!  It was mainly Americans & Dutch there.
No moans at all really.  The waiters in the Hotel Libertador were a bit daft but provided more entertainment than anything else!

Resting at home after a wonderful trip. We loved Ecuador. I attach some trip notes - no complaints at all - but perhaps a few things you need to be aware of. The trip exceeded our expectations and we cannot speak too highly about your agents in Ecuador - very professional guides and very careful drivers. We received more attention than we had expected.
If I can answer any queries please let me know.
Neil Henderson

I never told you what a great time we had. If ever you're organising something like this again then El Chalten is not essential - also the hotel there although new is not managed nearly as well as the others and it's struggling a bit to get clients. Everything went smoothly and everyone (including us) seemed very amused that we had a picnic with table, table cloth and wine in the middle of the Patagonian flat!
All the best

The honeymoon was absolutely fabulous.  Everything worked just perfectly and we had a really great time.  Katya was totally delighted and has been singing your praises to everyone who will listen.  Thank you.
All the best

I know Nell has spoken to you with some specific feedback; we just wanted to say thanks for arranging a wonderful itinerary for us. A lot of memorable experiences with the wildlife at El Pedral lodge being the highlight.
Thanks again
Pam & Steve Epps

Greetings from Brazil!
Musky and I are having a fantastic time, currently chilling out enormously in incredible luxury at Ponta dos Ganchos.  What an amazing place!  We had dinner on their little island a couple of nights ago - such a treat! We loved Rio and Iguazu and are really looking forward to Buenos Aires and Patagonia. You have done an outstanding job - thanks so very much!
All the best,
Mr & Mrs H

Greetings from Ireland. Only getting a chance to email now as things have been mad since we got back but really wanted to say a million 'Thank you’s' for the most amazing honeymoon... we loved every second of it. I'm not one for writing long emails but want to tell you all so will give you a call within the next few weeks to share the memories!
Again thank you for all your hard work and help, lots of love.
Bairbre and Liam

Can you give me a ring, please, when you get the chance? I want to thank you personally for organizing our honeymoon earlier this year.
I have been singing the praises of Latin Odyssey to all my friends. I am a real cynic when it comes to customer service because everyone talks about it but rarely deliver it. However, I cannot thank you enough for the customer service you gave us – the whole trip was perfectly organized, nothing went wrong at all, we didn’t have to worry about a thing and all of the guides and reps you used in Brazil were outstanding (please pass our thanks on to them). We were met at each stage of our trip as promised and couldn’t have been looked after any better than we were.
The hotel and setting and the staff at Pousada Picinguaba was simply perfect – we couldn’t have imagined anything so perfect to start our honeymoon – exactly what we needed, nothing but rest and sleep and the most amazing food I have ever tasted. I can say that about Brazil as a whole – the quality of food was way beyond my expectations. I have not been satisfied in London since because nothing remotely compares to what I ate in Brazil – the meat –WOW!
Copacabana Palace was an absolute luxury that we will probably never experience again – what a treat. I knew it was posh when they gave me a whole ice bucket for my bottle of beer! 
The whole trip was topped off on our last day when we watched Brazil’s first game in the World Cup with our guide, and hundreds of other Brazilians, at Iguazu Falls. The guide, Andros, was brilliant, and the atmosphere was so much fun. I was a little worse for wear for the journey home but it was worth it.
We are now both absolute converts to anything Brazilian and cannot wait to go back and explore more of the country. We cannot thank you enough for making it the most amazing and perfect holiday we have ever had. I was so impressed with your commitment to us, which was reflected in the quality of the service you provided us.
Your company deserves to succeed, and we wish you all the best in the future.
Tim and Penny Pescud

We just wanted to let you know that we loved our trip to Argentina. All of it was wonderful - thank you so much. I am really glad we did Patagonia and ended up changing the 2ndexcursion to the boat trip, we would recommend it to anyone. Hope one day to go back to South America and will definitely be in touch when I do so!!
All the very best,
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