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Located in the heart of Central America, Honduras is the isthmus’s second largest country after Nicaragua, covering an area roughly the size of England.  Few people make it any further than the impressive ruins of Copan, but if you are willing to go beyond the normal you will find a country with a limitless range of virgin forests, undiscovered colonial towns and some of the best reefs on the continent.

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With a Caribbean and Pacific coast the options for both beach and reef exploration are limitless.  The Bay Islands on the Caribbean coast provide one of the cheapest places to learn to dive in the world and if diving is not for you then its numerous shallow reefs make an ideal place to snorkel.  The three islands that make up this archipelago all offer something completely different.
The Mayan ruins of Copan rival Tikal for the best in Central America.  With its intricately designed temples and facades, Copan is the artistic capital of the Mayan world.
The untracked jungles of La Mosquitia to the east of the country has mountain top cloud forests that teem with colourful birds and chattering monkeys and are an undiscovered paradise for those who are a little more adventurous!
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When to go

Caribbean coast - January to June
Interior – rain falls throughout the year with the driest months being from November to April
Located in amongst the second longest barrier reef in the world the Bay Islands are, for many, the main reason for visiting Honduras.  Its spectacular coral-reef systems are home to some 96% of all species of marine life known to inhabit the Caribbean! 
Copan is an undoubted highlight of Honduras and one of the finest sites of the Mayan world.  It is considered to be the ‘Paris’ of Mayan cities with superb quality statues, carvings and decorative features making it the artistic capital
Pico Bonito is a huge rainforest reserve covering a mountain range with elevations ranging from sea level up to 2,435metres.  The park is full of rivers, waterfalls amid lush tropical vegetation and is an excellent location for hiking, bird watching, rafting and wildlife.