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A holiday in Belize means one foot planted in the Caribbean and the other deep in the jungle. It is a tropical paradise that offers; pristine rainforest, mysterious Mayan temples, white beaches, turquoise seas and the second largest reef system in the world. Formerly British Honduras, this small country (the size of Wales) has long been a sleepy backwater, attracting few visitors a year and as such, is the jewel in Central America’s crown and ideal place for a honeymoon in Belize.

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The Belizean Cayes (small sandy islands) are sheltered by the second longest barrier reef in the world, offering world class snorkelling, diving and fishing.  Ambergris Caye, the largest of the Cayes, has white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, making it an ideal base from which to explore the nearby reefs and atolls.
Placencia is located at the end of a palm-fringed sandy spit on the southern coast.  This laidback town that lines the beach is a good base to explore the coral-fringed desert islands just a short boat ride away.
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San Ignacio contrasts nicely with the coast.  Situated on the Guatemalan border it has jungle clad hills, limestone caves and ancient Mayan temples.  Discovering these remote sites by jeep, boat and foot is both fascinating and adventurous, offering an insight into the sacred underworld of the Mayan people.
Situated on the border with Guatemala, The Cayo District, at the centre of which is the small town of San Ignacio, is a land of adventure.  With its jungle covered limestone hills riddled with caves and peppered with Mayan ruins, time here is spent exploring.
The Belizean Cayes are a series of tiny islands off the Belizean coast with porcelain-white beaches and turquoise waters.  With a concentration of over a hundred islands, two stunning atolls and miles of barrier reef, it is hard to find a better place! 
The flora, wildlife and birding in the Maya mountains are like no place on earth. The Mountain Pine Ridge reserve is home to various large mammals, including Puma, Jaguars, Ocelots, White-nosed Coatis, and Baird's Tapirs
Orange Walk District in the northwest corner of Belize is the most remote and wild district of them all.  The impressive Mayan ruins of Lamanai lie within a vast impenetrable jungle, accessible only by boat. 
Placencia is a traditional Creole fishing village with an enviable location.  Its brightly painted wooden shacks are found at the end of a palm-covered, 16-mile finger of sand on the south coast of Belize
Toledo, the southern most district of Belize, is the least populated and most unspoilt. It is ideal for those who want to explore its natural riches or simply find physical and spiritual refreshment in the peace of the rainforest.
Chan Chich is located within the largest contiguous forest north of the Amazon basin. Conservation efforts to sustain and preserve the tri-national Maya Forest ("La Selva Maya") are underway with collaborative efforts undertaken in Belize
Hopkinsis a small Garifuna fishing village of around 1000 villagers and is considered by many to be the cultural centre of the Garifuna population in Belize. Situated on the Caribbean coast it has sandy beaches with gently swaying coconut palms