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Beach Holidays

Beach Holidays
Spending time on a beach is synonymous with a good holiday and the beaches in South and Central America are some of the best in the world. Whether it is long wide beaches, small and remote, private beaches, exclusive islands, powder white or even beaches which are lined with the second longest barrier reef in the world, there is something for everyone.
All of these are coupled with true beach-dream accommodation worthy of the finest holiday memories. Barefoot luxury, spa treatments, wildly beautiful beach shelters, private plunge pools and incredible underwater adventures are all on the agenda; the choice is yours. Beach accommodation style may be small, simple, chic, exclusive or all-inclusive five star luxury, depending on your preference.
Brazil Beaches   Mexico Beaches   Belize Beaches
Brazil Beaches   Mexico Beaches   Belize Beaches

Brazilians love their beaches and visiting one is part of the culture. Whether you wish to play football or volleyball, visit the small fishing villages that line the ocean, take long walks along deserted sands, or just sit and watch the life go by

 Mexico’s coastline is simply outstanding.  The whole of the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is lined with picture perfect powder white sand, making it one of the most popular beach destinations in Latin America.   

The cayes off the coast are sandy and the beaches are a pristine white.  The waters immediately surrounding the cayes are generally very shallow with reeds and to combat this almost all the hotels have piers which reach out to the deeper crystal clear waters

Brazil Beaches
  Mexico Beaches
  Belize Beaches
Uruguay Beaches   Costa Rica beaches   Venezuela Beaches
Uruguay Beaches   Costa Rica beaches   Venezuela Beaches
Uruguay is so small and still relatively unknown that coming here is to get away from it all.  The coastline is home to long, wide sandy beaches with numerous activities available from surfing to horse riding along the beach. Costa Rica seems to be synonymous with adventure and its coastline and beaches are no different.  We generally recommend the Pacific coast here as there is a greater range of hotels and a more varied landscape.  Beaches tend to be long and wide  Venezuela’s coastline borders the Caribbean Sea and as you would expect it has a superb run of beaches.  Distances are vast here and getting to and from them can be a challenge, but the pick of the bunch is the archipelago of Los Roques. 
Uruguay Beaches
  Costa Rica beaches
  Venezuela Beaches

Your ultimate beach choice will depend on what you want; the inspiring location, the amount of things to see and do nearby, the quietness of a given place, the kid's club, the quality of the petal-strewn spa or the coral reef for snorkelling and diving. Either way, it really is worth talking to us, to discuss what will suit you best.

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