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The Iguazu Falls are a collection of 280 waterfalls plunging into a 3 km long gorge situated on the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.   Without doubt they are the best falls in the world.  They are so good because unlike other major waterfalls, there are a variety of activities surrounding them. 
The extensive network of walkways on both the Argentinean and Brazilian sides actually go through and around the falls giving you different views from varying angles.  Not to be missed is the exhilarating speed boat ride which takes you under the falls offering superb views from below.  At the head of the falls is the majestic Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat) where the Parana and Iguazu rivers merge creating one thunderous waterfall.  Access is via a short train ride followed by a walkway built across the river!  
For those wanting adrenalin there is a short section of white water rafting along with abseiling down the side of the falls.  Helicopters can take you over the falls to see them from above and the fact that the whole area is a National Park surrounded by a dense tropical forest means the area home to small mammals and hundreds of different species of birds and colourful butterflies. They are not to be missed.


Below are some of the attractions that the falls and surrounding area have to offer, we would recommend including most of them over a 2 night stay.

Walks. Full day. Both the Argentine and Brazilian side of the falls have a variety of boardwalks at varying heights and length. In order to view the Argentine side a train takes around the river from where there are paths connecting you to the Garganta del Diablo.

Helicopter Flight
. 30 minutes. This short ride takes you up the Parana River and over the Garganta del Diablo, giving you superb bird eye views of the entire 280 waterfalls.

Speedboat ride. 3 hours. From the calm waters 1km below the falls you board your speedboat, which takes you up and into the heart of the falls. You will be taken under smaller falls, given the opportunity to photograph sections of the falls, driven over rapids and up to the very foot of the Garganta del Diablo, an exhilarating ride.
Jungle walks. 3 hours. Throughout the area are a selection of walking trails taking you through pristine cloud forest, from where you have the chance of spotting some of the diverse bird life, such as macaws, parakeets and hummingbirds.

Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio. Full day. This tour gives you the opportunity to view the well-preserved ruins of san Ignacio. Situated deep in the rainforest, they were rediscovered in 1897 almost 2 centuries after they were used and offer an excellent insight into their way of life.

Recommended lodges in this area:

The Loisuites Iguazu is a charming and elegant 5-star hotel. Located in the Iryapu jungle and surrounded by vegetation and wildlife, yes well located being just 15 minutes from the Argentine waterfalls
The Iguazu Grand hotel is probably the best hotel outside of the Iguazu national park.  Set away from the main road the hotel is surrounded by manicured gardens, palm trees and at the centre of which is a lovely swimming pool. 
Being at Iguazu means being surrounded by the rainforest and La Aldea is one of the few places where you can achieve this and still be close enough to the falls. Being built of local wood it has wonderfully rustic and simple feel