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Argentina is one of the outstanding countries of the continent and an ideal place for a holiday in South America.  It is one of the most diverse countries, so whether it is a holiday in Argentina or an Argentina honeymoon, you will find what you are looking for.

This is a place where its people bring the country to life, gentle and accepting they are wonderful hosts. A holiday to Argentina offers such an array of experiences from walking on glaciers to visiting pre Inca ruins to horse riding across the Andes that you will not be disappointed. On top of this, their food is superb and if you throw in one of their great bottles of wine, you have the perfect holiday destination.

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Any visit begins with the capital, Buenos Aires.  This is unquestionably the best city in the Americas and is known as the ‘Paris of South America’.  It is a cosmopolitan city with European influences and its colourful districts are ideal for exploring on foot.  It is also the gateway to the Pampas, renowned for the ‘gauchos’ or cowboys, and where you have the opportunity to stay on one of the many estancias and sample ranch life.
To the north is the thunderous Iguazu falls, a collection of over 280 falls, which drop over red rock plateaux’s surrounded by rainforest, they are the best waterfalls in the world.
The remote northwest offers a wonderful range of landscapes; high plateaux’s, wide mesmerizing valleys, vineyards, salt flats and the highest train ride in the world.
To the east, lies the Atlantic, and Peninsular Valdes, a haven for penguins, whales and marine life.
Argentina’s greatest asset though is the magnificent Andes range which divides Argentina from Chile. This is an area of contrasts, where enormous glaciers and colourful lakes merge, forests and salt flats collide and where Patagonia begins and ends.
Patagonia is a windswept region of dissolute beauty and the gem of the country. It is an immense area, covering nearly a third of the country but home to only 6% of the population. For walking and trekking the less visited national park of Fitzroy is just magical whilst and the southern most town in the world, Ushuaia is where the Andes meet the ocean and is the gateway to Antarctica.

Buenos Aires, known as the ‘Paris of South America’ is a fascinating, colourful city with a personality of its own. Its districts range from the bohemian La Boca, to the more fashionable Recoleta – this is an ideal city to watch life go by. 

The land that surrounds Buenos Aires is known as “the Pampas”.  Once inhabited by Gauchos, these flat plains were the grounds of vicious battles between natives and criollos - Gaucho descendants of Spanish conquistadores and aborigines (natives) of the Pampas.  Considered outcasts, they lived solitary lives. 
The Iguazu Falls are a collection of 280 waterfalls plunging into a 3 km long gorge situated on the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Without doubt they are the best falls in the world with a variety of activities surrounding them.
Quite possibly the most stunning part of Argentina, if not the continent.  The town of El Calafate itself is nothing special, but the surrounding areas have the most majestic glaciers in the world which you can sail around and walk on.  These are lifetime experiences.
The town of El Chalten is the gateway to the Fitzroy national park which has some of the best walking possibilities in the world.  The town contains homely log cabins or ‘estancias’ as they are known and is less visited than Torres del Paine national park in Chile which can also be incorporated into a Patagonian itinerary.
Bariloche is situated on the foothills of the Andes and on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi making it one of the most picturesque places in Argentina.  The nearby national park of Nahuel Huapi is the oldest in the country and has some of the most diverse biospheres in the area as well an abundance of wildlife.
Peninsular Valdes has a barren charm about it and is one of the best places for viewing wildlife in Argentina.  In short it is a haven for marine life as the ocean around this desert like peninsular is home to the Southern Right Whale, when it visits the coastline to breed and the Orca Whale. 
At the far south of Argentina and where the road ends, is Ushuaia, the southern most town of its size in the world. Situated on the island of Tierra del Fuego it is a unique place containing multi-coloured wooden houses with a backdrop of snow-capped Andean peaks.
The northwest is a relatively unknown region of Argentina and Salta is the centre from which to explore this spectacularly varied region. The multi-coloured valleys and canyons of Calchaques twist and turn down to Cafayate.
Mendoza lies in the foothills of the Andes and its gentle slopes are covered in vineyards.  This is where some of Argentina’s best wines are produced and although the town, with its 5 plazas is worth a short visit it is staying in one of the surrounding vineyards that allows for a taste of the real country. 
The main reason for coming to Cordoba is the small collection of rolling hills to north – the Sierras Chicas.  These low lying mountains have a similar history to that of the Pampas and as such the area has numerous estancias all of which are a perfect base for horse riding, walking, mountain biking, or just relaxing in the cooler temperatures that this area is known for.
The Ibera Natural Reserve, which in Guarani means ‘brilliant waters’,is located in the far northeast of Argentina and is a wetland reserve with an abundance of wildlife. The Iberá marsh is the second largest wetland areas in the world (the largest being the Pantanal in Brazil) with a surface area the size of a small country (equivelant to the size of Wales) and is the home of a significant variety of flora & fauna.