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A cruise in Antarctica, the White Continent, with its multi-coloured ice-caps, glaciers and towering snow-capped mountains is one of the last frontiers. Everything about Antarctica is superlative. The world’s highest, driest, coldest, cleanest continent, that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of all visitors.
To take a voyage past Cape Horn, across the Drake Passage to the peninsula is to join what is still an exclusive group of intrepid travellersinspired by the legacy of Antarctic exploration.
Unimaginably rich in fauna, the southern ocean is a constant drama; leopard and fur seals, minkewhales, several species of penguin and great flocks of seabirds – including the wandering albatross – give life to this surreally beautiful landscape.
When you manage to tear your eyes away from the wildlife, the icebergs and glaciers present an equally enthralling sight. From the bow, every view is a photographer’s dream and the long austral summer day means there is plenty of opportunity to take it all in. Excursions by Polar Cirkel boats allow you to get close to the vast communities of king, adélie, gentoo and chinstrap penguins. There are even hot springs here if you want a dip.

All of the voyages to Antarctica are with small ice-strengthened vessels and numbers of passengers is limited to about 50 passengers per boat, allowing for a more intimate and friendly atmosphere. Accommodation and on-board-life is cosy and comfortable.
Voyages are primarily defined by an exploratory travel programme, spending as much time ashore as possible, combined with educational lectures on board, covering topics such as bird life, marine mammals, vegetation and landscapes. Most boats can also be flexible, easily changing the course of the vessel and inflatable Zodiacs for the ice-floes, whales or even swimming penguins.
Climate & Temperatures

Average temperatures in the Antarctic winter range from -15 to -32ºC in the coastal regions. During the austral summer however temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula are usually around a comparatively mild 0 to -5ºC.
Both the Falkland Islands and South Georgia have a cold, wet and windy climate with summer temperatures between 4 and 11ºC.

We offer 4 different vessels to the Antarctic, each which has its own merits.  All of them cater to between 60 and 114 passengers allowing you to cruise without the crowds whilst giving you space both inside and outside

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